Daily Reflections reading March 19th

Prayer: It Works

It has been well said that “almost the only scoffers at prayer are those who never tried it enough.” TWELVE STEPS AND TWELVE TRADITIONS, p. 97

Having grown up in an agnostic household, I felt somewhat foolish when I first tried praying. I knew there was a Higher Power working in my life — how else was I staying sober? — but I certainly wasn’t convinced he/she/it wanted to hear my prayers. People who had what I wanted said prayer was an important part of practicing the program, so I persevered. With a commitment to daily prayer, I was amazed to find myself becoming more serene and comfortable with my place in the world. In other words, life became easier and less of a struggle. I’m still not sure who, or what, listens to my prayers, but I’d never stop saying them for the simple reason that they work.

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My thoughts on March 19th Reading


A spiritual awakening is just an awareness, there is a power greater than oneself, thank God or founders made sure we could pick our own higher power, I know I would not have stayed in recovery if I had to use the God I thought I knew, the condemning and judging one

I found the prayer of St Francis gave me the strength to accept the new God, the fellowship put into my life. For it is truly by self-forgetting that one finds It is by forgiving that one is forgiven

Powerful words self-forgetting, to me it meant I had to get out of my selfish ways, practice a new way of life, learning how to forgive, also learn how to accept forgiveness from others that I have hurt along the path of my life, hiding in the bottle of booze

Step eleven is prayer and meditation, prayer is simply asking for Gods help meditation, is listening to what He has to say, the way I listen to God is thru the group of drunks, at my home group were people know me and are willing to help me, with any situation that comes up

When I think I know all the answers then I am in trouble, I had to surrender to everything, the worst place I can ever go for answers is going into my own head alone, where all the crap of my past still lays in wait to mug me when I go there alone

Prayer and meditation came with humility of my letting go of my old ways, trusting God will give me back all the good things in my life, He would not lead me down the wrong path, even if the right path is cluttered with the debris of my mistakes

Today I know in my heart that God can do for me, all the things I could not do for myself, all I needed to do is pray rightly, that is asking for His will to be done in my life, this takes action, like working with fellow alcoholics who are still in out there

Practicing all the twelve steps in my new life, accepting all my past faults, being willing to change them all, being willing to make all the amends for my mistakes, for all those who I had hurt, when in a drunken fog, also learning to forgive others who hurt me

I had to learn how to practice all Twelve Steps in my daily life, just like so many before me had to, its hard to let go, but once I did, my life improved a little, then things got better for me, because things did not baffle me like they did when I was Godless

Carrying the message is the basics of recovery for us all who seek a new life, what I do to carry the message is very simple, because I stick to the basics of AA, sobriety is all about my disease of alcoholism that is not cured and never will be

If I stray to far for the teachings I will be lost again, to suffer the misery of my past, all of the answers are with in me, but are because of God and all the wonderful people in AA willing to help me go thru the turmoil and always willing to share one on one with me

God does answer all our prayers, but you know sometimes the answer is NO, if your patient and willing to listen to God he will guide you to the right place in your life, join the millions of others who have found a new way of life trusting in Him and the steps join us on the road to your destiny

God Bless you Al M

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