Daily Reflections reading July 19th

False Pride

Many of us who had thought ourselves religious awoke to the limitations of this attitude. Refusing to place God first, we had deprived ourselves of His help. 12 & 12, p. 75

Many false notions operate in false pride. The need for direction to live a decent life is satisfied by the hope experienced in the A.A. Fellowship. Those who have walked the way for years–a day at a time–say that a God centered life has limitless possibilities for personal growth. This being so, much hope is transmitted by the elder A.A.s.

I thank my Higher Power for letting me know that He works through other people, and I thank Him for our trusted servants in the Fellowship who aid new members to reject their false ideals and to adopt those which lead to a life of compassion and trust. The elders in A.A. challenge the newcomers to “Come To”–so that they can “Come to Believe.” I ask my Higher Power to help my unbelief.

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My thoughts on July 19th Reading

Pride, ego, self-righteous anger, FEAR! Are just a few of my defects even today, but false pride is what keep me from the truth for many more years than I needed to, I can call it false pride, our just to damn stubborn to see how I was screwing up my life


My pride would not let me see myself thru the eyes others, I had no God to help me, pride and Ego would not let Him into my life, I was afraid of what He would want me to do, after all He was a condemning, vengeful, and fearful God of my understanding at that time


And that little boy inside me, just did not want Him around anymore, pride is a good thing when your ego is not in the way and your doing the right things, but to hide behind it just causes to much trouble for me so I have to let it go


I have accepted Gods will for me, only because I found the God of my new understand is all loving and forgiven, He will always show me the path I must go down, all I need to do is ask Him, the twelve steps gave me hope for a new way of life


Free from the bondage of myself, helping me to let go of my anger, fears, and resentments, it was thru the seventh step making the change in my attitude with humility, today I have real pride in what I do and who I am, a man of honor and dignity


A loving kind husband and father who found how to forgive others for the turmoil of there behaviors in my life, knowing only they can change their own behaviors, all I can do is love them and pray for them until they see the light of truth


Life with God is just fantastic and it’s all right in the Twelve Steps


God bless you AL M

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